Restaurant operations

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  • 07 Apr, 2021
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Restaurant operations

HP 111 Restaurant Operations
Term Paper Assignment: Descriptive Essay Rubric

The term paper must be minimum five(5) pages (10 point deduction per half page) _________
It must be APA FORMAT and adhere to The School of Hospitality Management and The Culinary Arts at Monroe writing standards outlined in the syllabus. (5 point deduction for formatting) __________
Follows outline- For full credit, all elements of outline and sub-points must be covered (100 points) ___________
The restaurant’s concept (10 points)
In other words, what about the décor, menu, location, staff etc. makes it unique? Describe it vividly. Is it consistent from ambiance through service through food?

The website (5 points)
Is it designed to appeal to its target market? How? Is it user-friendly? Can you easily find the following information; menu, hours, location(s) telephone numbers, and email? If there are pictures of the food, do they entice you to eat there? Is there anything special about it? If so, describe.

Restaurant’s target market (20 points)
Who is the restaurant trying to attract? What is the demographic profile of that group (millennials, baby boomers, hipsters, yuppies, Gen X??)
Did you feel, based on your experiences that the restaurant hit the target?
Describe the location of the restaurant and how that supports the target market.

Service (10 points)
Does it match the standard for this type of restaurant? Start with the initial greeting all the way through to the end of the meal.

The menu (40 points)
What are its overall strengths? Weaknesses?
How does the menu appeal to its target market?
Does the pricing match the restaurant’s concept and target market?
What examples of cross-utilization do you see?
Identify the items with the biggest potential gross margin
Identify the items with the highest potential food cost.
What would you add to the menu?
What would you take off of the menu?

Identifying challenges this restaurant may have (10 points)
What possible challenges do your foresee for this restaurant (or chain) in the years ahead?

Overall review of restaurant (5 points)
Summarize your experience.


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