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  • 16 Mar, 2021
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You will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on a different culture that you would like to learn to communicate with effectively. At a minimum, the presentation should include the following elements:

Key characteristics /dimensions of the culture that should be learned before communications begin

(include at least six dimensions from below)

(1) individualism and collectivism,

(2) egalitarianism and hierarchy,

(3) performance orientation,

(4) future orientation,

(5) assertiveness,

(6) humane orientation,

(7) uncertainty avoidance,

(8) gender egalitarianism.

Compare/contrast the culture with your culture (based on the dimensions you included) you can use any for my culture.

Create a culture communication plan specifically for your chosen culture that will help you and your workplace to conduct effective communications. This culture communication plan should include an outline or brief discussion of the three or four components you have found most critical.

Provide a summary/recommendations for your organization to move forward with training for cultural communication.

Your presentation should be a minimum of 15 content slides (not including the title slide and references slide). Your slides should include either speaker notes placed in the “notes” section of the slide or you should record audio on each slide. In addition, you should have a minimum of three scholarly sources. References should be written in proper APA formatting.

The Notes panel of your slides will contain your speech script; this will be word-for-word exactly what you would say to accompany each slide. Be sure to read your speech aloud several times so that you’re confident that the language you’re using sounds conversational and not like a term paper or essay. Remember to use transitional words and phrases to make your speech flow smoothly.

You would be answering these questions in the essay. Thank you very much.
1. Describe the core marketing functions within an organization.
2. Discuss the goals and expected outcomes of this organizational function.
3. Explain how companies create customer-centered businesses.
4. Describe how customer-centered businesses impact the consumer decision-making process.
5. Describe what tools are used to make effective marketing decisions.


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