Course Objectives

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  • 05 Apr, 2021
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Course Objectives

Please I need this by Friday 8/16/2019 at 10:00 am the assignment can not be late. I have listed the instruction below make sure that the writer follows the instructions thoroughly he has to use the Course Objective that I provide. The name of the course is Project Management. I will need writer 222655 to complete article 2 because he completed the first article.

Name of Book: Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence 10th Edition James R. Evans and William M Lindsay2016.0 South Wester Cengage Learning

Course Objectives
Given a requirement to implement high performance systems, translate the role of human resources from both a managerial and human resources function related to employee involvement, empowerment, and training to determine their effectiveness.

To write a summary, use your own words to express the main ideas and relevant details of the article you have read. Your purpose in writing the summary is to give the basic ideas of the original article. What was it about and what were the key points? In this assignment, it will also include a reflection and critique.
Article Selection
1. Select a specific article of interest to you on the topic of a quality management–related subject. Examples may be how a given quality related problem was approached or solved at a company, or how a method of quality improvement was used in a certain situation. You might want to review the text, lectures, and/or documents in doc sharing for ideas that interest you.
2. The article needs to be a scholarly, peer-reviewed article, which you can find by using EBSCOhost.
3. You also need to identify which of the Course Objectives and specific topics in the Syllabus are related to the article you select.
Tables and Figures (if used)
1. All figures and tables must be referred to in your text before they appear on the page.
a. Figures and tables should appear on the same page that refers to them, or on the next page.
2. All figures and tables need captions. Captions go below figures and above tables.
Quotations and Citations
1. Quotations and citations are crucial components of a research paper.
2. Failure to properly cite research sources and borrowed ideas is plagiarism.
3. Papers submitted without citations and references will be returned to the student with no grade.
Refer to APA style guide for assistance with properly citing quoted and/or borrowed materials and ideas

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